Summer garden party tips

Here are my tips on hosting an impromptu Summer soiree.

When the sun is shining (which let’s face it, isn’t very often here in the UK!), I love nothing better than getting all my pals together in the back garden for an impromptu soiree. Getting the drinks flowing and the nibbles on the go, there’s really nothing better.
I thought I’d put together a little guide to help anyone that’s planning a party this summer so here are my top tips for making your summer garden party go with a swing. 

Garden party decor

When it comes to décor for your garden party I like to tear up the rule book! Just like when I’m creating a plate wall or a homeware collection, I don’t like things to be too “matchy matchy” but I like colours which go together well. 
I wouldn’t usually have a colour theme as such for one of my shindigs but I love pastels and vintage-inspired shades and these are perfect for a summer garden party. 
One of the colour combos that I’m really loving at the moment is mint green and candy floss pink – just gorj! Try experimenting with different colours – sometimes you can put two colours together that will really surprise you. 

Drinks for a garden party

A party wouldn’t be a party without a couple of tipples now, would it? 
Of course, I absolutely love my prosecco and the limited edition La Gioiosa with label designed by moi is a perfect choice for the jubilee celebrations. It definitely feels a little bit special too, which is needed for a celebration! 
For those who aren’t quite sweet enough, I’ll keep a bottle of Chambord on hand and add a couple of drops to a glass of prosecco. Or add some crème de cassis to create a Kir Royale – not only does the name have royal connections but the colour will change from princess pink to a royal purple!
For any teetotallers out there, a pink lemonade is a cute alternative to a rosè or try heading down the non-alcoholic aisle – you can get all sorts now that’s sans alcohol but tastes just as good as the real thing.

Garden party food and snacks

One of my fave foods is sushi, it’s so easy to grab and nibble. A garden party at mine would be packed full of nori rolls and sashimi.
Just like décor, anything goes on the buffet table so I’d add some sarnies and a sausage roll or two, along with some cous cous salads. 
Pastel coloured macarons and cupcakes would also make it to my table and I love to display sweet treats on my vintage-inspired china cake stands.

Entertainment for the party

When it comes to entertainment, I’m not a huge fan of forced fun so I don’t tend to have games at my gatherings. My life is so hectic with work and running around after the kids that I prefer to spend some quality time with my friends when I can rather than arranging lawn games. I’ll send the kids off playing and then spill the tea over drinks!

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