If, like me, you are a sucker for cheeky little Amazon homeware buy then read on…!
If like me, you are a sucker for cheeky little Amazon homeware buy then read on…!
I feel like recently I’ve been finding some absolutely excellent bits on Amazon that compliment my products perfectly. From super cute Gold detail oil pouring bottles (shop here) to sphere ice cube makers - in pastel pink of course (shop here). Amazon wouldn’t ordinarily be my first port of call for unique/ good quality kitchen wares but they really are pulling it out the bag right now!
For me it is V important that all the items within my kitchen are not only super practical/ pretty but also compliment my own homeware ranges and these Oil Bottles (shop here) are literally essential alongside my slogan bowls (shop here).
These also came with a range of different labels so you can chose what you fill them with and label accordingly. 
I bleeding love making a good cocktail in my glasses so when I saw this Cocktail bitters bottle set (shop here) I added to basket immediately! Love that they came with little glass stoppers and gold pourers. Now pride of place of my bar cart.
I’ve had this Ice cube tray for a while now and it helps me make some very professional looking ice cubes for my drinks! (shop here) 
I’m not too sure when I started caring soo much about what my drinks look like instead of just what it tastes like but I really do!
Another drink related purchase (should I be worried about myself?!) but again, essential for making an even prettier cocktail in one of my animal glasses I’d say. Very satisfying to pop the little glass-like ice balls out too! (shop here)
Feel like when you drink from a glass straw it defo makes the drink taste better! Also, love that these colours work so nicely alongside my animal high ball glasses. Waaaaay better for the environment too, and they come with a lickle cleaning brush thingy. (shop here)

Obviously one day I hope to design and make my very own versions of these but until then these will do me just fine 😉
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