Out with the old, in with the new!

Are you like me and love a clean slate in the new year? Have a read of this then...
Are you like me and love a clean slate in the new year? After overindulging during the festive period I actually look forward to January! (I know right - who’d a thought it?!)
After deconstructing my festive tablescape and clearing up the mess of a house full of kiddos, I like to give my kitchen a good wipe-down and bring out a fresh set of tableware to start the new year. My slogan range is my fave in January, fresh and bright. Made from bone china the quality is unmatched and the gold detailing adds luxe to even the simplest of items. Out with the old and in with the new!
I still think gold cutlery is a must all year round! With lots of good food, plenty of cheese boards, and late-night indulgences over December the cutlery in my house has been put to good use. With just a run through the dishwasher and a good polish using some hot water and a tea towel, they can be good as new!
Something else I love doing in the new year to create a fresh slate is a cupboard organise. The weekends of January are dark and cold so it's the perfect time to organise your mugs, bowls, serveware, and plates. Put your oldest at the bottom of the pile and put away the lovely new Yvonne Ellen items you got for Christmas at the front! ;)
January is also a time for me to put away the cocktail glasses and swap the gin for a herbal tea in my fave cup and saucer. Although I can’t commit to a completely dry Jan, I like a “damp Jan” not fully soaked in mulled wine and champers, but the odd tipple never hurt anyone, right? ;)
A clever way to keep you on track if you are doing dry Jan is a cheeky non-alc cocktail! We recently had some Gordon’s 0% Pink Gin delivered to the office and OMG you would never know! Top that up with some tonic and ice in your lovely gin glass and you're sorted!
Good luck to all you dry Janners, and tag me in your cupboard cleans, non-alcoholic cocktail recipes, and your new tableware collection to start 2023! #YvonneEllen

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