From Painting to Product - My Design Process

Come behind the scenes to see how my hand painted designs come to life.

I still hand-design all of my products and my process has remained pretty much the same. I find my inspiration in all sorts of places including travelling (I always try to stay in the quirkiest hotels when I’m away!), fashion and around London. London is such an inspiring place to live, there’s always something to catch my eye. Now I have a larger team at my side the design process is a lot quicker and I love bouncing ideas back and fourth with my designers to come up with the best outcome.


Doing this has always been a labour of love, so come behind the scenes to see how my hand painted designs come to life and evolve into the quirky products that get an Yvonne Ellen seal of approval!

The Artistic Beginnings

It all starts with Yvonne herself, the creative mastermind behind our brand's vintage-inspired designs. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for playful, pastel-infused art, Yvonne begins by hand-painting whimsical animals and motifs that embody the heart and soul of Yvonne Ellen London.


From Canvas to Digital: Bringing Art to Life

Once Yvonne is happy with her paintings, they undergo the transformation from physical artwork to digital masterpieces. Our talented design team scan in Yvonne's hand-painted creations, preserving every brushstroke with precision. They Pantone match the colours of Yvonne’s design to vintage pieces. Yvonne still has a huge love for vintage china and picks up new pieces everywhere she goes.


Photoshop Magic: Unleashing Creativity

With the scanned artwork now in the digital realm, our design team works their magic in Adobe Photoshop. Here, they fine-tune the colours, refine the composition, and add subtle touches that enhance the overall charm of the illustrations. The transition from hand-painted originals to digitally edited versions allows us to experiment with various ideas, ensuring that the final products meet our high standards of excellence.


The Factory's Role: Turning Dreams into Reality

Once the digital designs are perfected, it's time to bring them to life physically. We collaborate with trusted factories that share our commitment to craftsmanship and quality. These skilled artisans use our perfected digital designs as blueprints to create samples of the products.


The Excitement of the First Samples

Receiving the first samples from the factory is always an exhilarating moment for our team. As the products take tangible form, we can witness our creative vision materializing into reality. The prototypes allow us to assess every detail, from the texture of the materials to the precision of the printing.


Fine-Tuning: Perfecting the Pieces

As with any creative process, there might be some adjustments required to achieve absolute perfection. We analyse the samples meticulously, ensuring they embody the essence of Yvonne Ellen London. Any tweaks necessary are communicated to the factory, who skilfully apply our feedback to refine the final products.


The Gold Seal: Ready to Shine

Once the last tweaks are implemented and the products meet our unwavering standards, they receive the coveted "gold seal" of approval. This signifies that the items are officially ready to grace homes around the world with their charm and charisma.


As you welcome Yvonne Ellen London into your home, we hope you feel the love and care that goes into each and every item. Our commitment to delivering products that bring a smile to your face is unwavering, and we look forward to continuing this artistic journey with you for years to come. Cheers to creativity, craftsmanship, and the magic of Yvonne Ellen London!

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