Behind The Scenes: Our Christmas Photoshoot

Here’s a little insight into what goes on behind the scenes of a Yvonne Ellen photoshoot…
Every business owner will know how important it is to have great photography of your products. It completely sets the vibe for your business and lets customers envision them in their own homes. Although it can sometimes be super tough trying to get the perfect shot, Yvonne also finds the styling side of the shoots fun, and we always manage to have a good laugh and a giggle on the day! Here’s a little insight into what goes on behind the scenes of a Yvonne Ellen photoshoot…
As a small business, we must be savvy when it comes to spending money! So usually, we would do the shoots in Yvonne’s home. This usually works well as it allows us to show off exactly how the tableware can be styled for various home events and occasions.
However, this time we decided to do things a little differently and hire a shoot location… after finding a gorgeous home that fit into our budget, which also included a gold kitchen, it was an absolute no-brainer!! It is super important for customers to see our quirky tableware in lots of different locations so they can be inspired and see how they can fit into their own homes.
This shoot was for Christmas inspiration, but we also need to be able to use these images all year round so it was important the styling was right and fit into the Yvonne Ellen Brand. We used lots of pastels and gold Christmas accessories to keep it on brand, red and green simply wouldn’t have worked for us.
Before the photoshoot, we work as a team to know what kind of shots we currently feel like we are missing and what needs reshooting or updating… this includes a lot of scrolling through Pinterest and searching the market for shot inspo.
Our amazing photographer Natalie studies the mood boards and shot list which we send her prior to the shoot, this means we all come to the day prepared with what we must achieve.
These photoshoots are always full on, but don’t get me wrong as long as you’re organised, they are super fun and satisfying! Some good snacks and Christmas music keep the vibes high. When the final shots land in our inbox it is always such an amazing feeling to see the designs beautifully captured and ready to share with you guys :  )

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