This is just the beginning of a season filled with enchanting tablescapes.
Welcome to a blooming season of style and sophistication! We're beyond thrilled to unveil Drop 1 of our Spring/Summer range, featuring items from the much-anticipated Floral and Best of British tableware collections. Picture your table adorned with delicate florals in soothing pastels, and classic English animals donned in vintage gold detailing. It's a celebration of timeless elegance with a playful Yvonne Ellen twist. Join us on this journey as we bring a touch of whimsy to your dining experience. Get ready to elevate your table with the charm of spring and the grace of British heritage.
This is just the beginning of a season filled with enchanting tablescapes.
Get ready to bring a burst of whimsy to your dining table with the latest additions to our beloved Animal Dinnerware range! Introducing vibrant cereal and pasta bowls, each one a canvas of lively hues and quirky creatures. The same signature gold detailing adds a touch of sophistication. The animals playfully overlap the edges, creating a charming finish.
Indulge in the charm of England with our new "Best of British" range. Classic English animals meet vintage and royal-style gold accents on delightful tableware. From swans on teacups to pigeons on plates, each piece tells a whimsical tale. 
It was time to add a floral to the Yvonne Ellen range, unlike anything we’ve done before, these beauties will be loved by everyone. Delicate pastel florals grace our exquisite tableware, each piece hiding a whimsical secret – our signature bee. With a cheeky slogan in the middle and lots of gilt gold detail, this plate will be a showstopper!
Inspired by Yvonne's cherished vintage collection, our latest creations carry the timeless charm of the past into the present. Each piece pays homage to the elegance and nostalgia of those classic designs, infused with a modern twist that captivates and delights. It's a nod to history, a touch of Yvonne's personal style, and a journey into the magic of vintage allure that adorns every product in our collection.
Meet our newest kitchen superstar—the XL Biscuit Storage Jar, your snacking companion, and the latest addition to our storage jar family! Crafted with a generous appetite in mind, this jar is the perfect haven for your favourite munchies. With its sleek design and ample space, it not only elevates your kitchen aesthetics but also keeps your biscuits fresh and ready for those delightful moments of indulgence. It's more than a jar; it's a promise that your biscuits are in good hands, ready to rescue you from those snack cravings. Say hello to a stylish solution for your biscuit stash, because snacks deserve a home as fabulous as they are!
We are genuinely over the moon with how all the newness looks and have come to life and super pleased with this first drop of the spring summer collection. We really hope you love it as much as we have done designing it.

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