IKEA Hacks: Snudda and Stolthet Transformations

Picked up some real gems in IKEA & absolutely LOVED giving them an YE revamp!
I’ve picked up some real gems in IKEA recently and absolutely LOVED giving them a little bit of an ‘Yvonne Ellen revamp’! Obviously, IKEA has some incredible bits but for me they can sometimes be a little ‘ordinary’ and in need of a bit of a ‘zhush’ to suit my penchant for pastel prettiness!
I bought the IKEA STOLTHET as I am in the process of doing a little bit of a kitchen ‘glow up’ at the mo’ and had a little tea station idea in mind. My transformation began with a coat of LICK Pink 01 paint before adding painted detailing with Winsor & Newton acrylic paints. Once I had completed my painting I then added a some gold leaf to the design and finished off with a coat of clear acrylic varnish.
And TAH- DAH! A brand new Yvonne Ellen style kitchen Tea Station is born! I absolutely loved every part of creating this little IKEA storage hack and am thoroughly enjoying having it in situ’ on my kitchen side. I’ve always been one for keeping the kitchen side clear but having all my tea bits and bobs to hand is soo good and I love having my fav’ china on display too :  )
For my next IKEA hack I got myself the one and only IKEA SNUDDA aka the IKEA Lazy Susan! I have been wanting to test out a new Crab design for a while so decided this was the perfect product to do it on!
I also feel like a Lazy Susan is the perfect addition to a sushi table and seeing as I have the perfect range of sushi tableware this one was a must to add to the collection.
I am a massive sushi fan so absolutely love having all the right tableware for a good sushi dinner party and my new IKEA hack is the perfect addition to the table! So pleased with how this turned and thoroughly enjoyed creating it so watch this space for more IKEA hacks!
It actually takes me back to the time when I started this little biz of mine - when I was hand painting all my designs onto vintage china (pictured)! Although I no longer hand make all my pieces , and instead now work with manufacturers, painting directly onto these IKEA items felt just like the old days! 
There is something really special- and for me quite satisfying- about giving an object a little remodel to create something that is exactly what you love and suits the rest of your home perfectly.


  • Posted by Colleen on

    Love your ideas…
    I have a few of your creations..
    You are so creative, and the colors you select are so vibrant.. I love colors.

  • Posted by Shawn Swetmon on

    This is the best line! Witty, beautiful and stunning quality!! Love love love!! These are all so precious.
    The glasses are my favorite. They are larger than you think but not too and the art is so witty and beautiful.
    I wish I had some of the past collections!!

  • Posted by Shawn Swetmon on

    Love how witty and fun these are! And love mixing tea and spirits!! Too fun!! Keep it coming!!

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