My Favourite Ikea Hacks of 2023

I picked up some real gems in IKEA in 2023 and absolutely LOVED giving them a little bit of an ‘Yvonne Ellen revamp’!

I picked up some real gems in IKEA in 2023 and absolutely LOVED giving them a little bit of an ‘Yvonne Ellen revamp’! Obviously, IKEA has some incredible bits but for me they can sometimes be a little ‘ordinary’ and in need of a bit of a ‘zhush’ to suit my penchant for pastel prettiness! Join me and my top picks where IKEA's affordability meets our DIY wizardry, making everyday things way cooler. Let's dive into the hacks that make you go, "Why didn't I think of that?".


IKEA Stolthet Transformation



I bought the IKEA STOLTHET as I was in the process of doing a little bit of a kitchen ‘glow up’ and had a little tea station idea in mind. My transformation began with a coat of LICK Pink 01 paint before adding painted detailing with Winsor & Newton acrylic paints. Once I had completed my painting, I then added a some gold leaf to the design and finished off with a coat of clear acrylic varnish.

And TAH- DAH! A brand-new Yvonne Ellen style Tea Station is born! I absolutely loved every part of creating this little IKEA storage hack and am thoroughly enjoying having it in situ’ on my kitchen side. I’ve always been one for keeping the kitchen side clear but having all my tea bits and bobs to hand is soo good and I love having my fav’ china on display too :)


IKEA Snudda Upcycle



For my next IKEA hack I got myself the one and only IKEA SNUDDA aka the IKEA Lazy Susan! I have been wanting to test out a new Crab design for a while so decided this was the perfect product to do it on!

I also feel like a Lazy Susan is the perfect addition to a sushi table and seeing as I have the perfect range of sushi tableware this one was a must to add to the collection.

See the full upcycle here…


IKEA BILLY Bookcase Transformation



Ah, Ikea Billy bookcases – an essential in many households! Whether you’ve had one of these classic IKEA pieces for years or have just bought your first one recently, there’s no denying the practicality they bring to any room. But what happens when it comes time to upgrade or refresh that trusty albeit tired Billy?

One affordable and creative way to do this is by using old paint you already have around the house. To give this neglected bookcase new life, start by cleaning off any dust or dirt, then take some pastel paint and get creative – you can layer different colours for subtle or bold contrast depending on your design goals. I used Farrow & Ball - Faded Terracotta for the exterior and LICK Green 09 (the perfect pistachio) for the interior of the cupboards. I love these colours, I have them dotted all around my house so I knew the bookcases would fit in.

To finish off your new bookcase think about adding gold details (the more the better)! I used gold leaf and added it to the bevelled edge of the doors. Although subtle, this is my favourite part of the upcycle I did, no one will have cupboards like these – they are completely unique, and I love that!

Although you don’t need to add handles to the IKEA BILLY Bookcases, I think it makes them look much more expensive and gives you another way to show off your style and creativity. I chose these green and gold vintage looking handles from Anthropologie. I love how art-deco they look!!

See the whole transformation here…


IKEA Forjoha DIY



With some clever hacks, must have amazon and IKEA products and a lick of paint, anyone can turn the IKEA FORJOHA into a fabulous staple piece!

I don’t know about anyone else, but my kitchen cupboards always seem to be overflowing no matter how many times I clear them out. It was time to put a stop to the madness and buy a new piece of storage so I no longer worried about all my lovely tableware falling out a cupboard every time I opened the doors (defo not ideal!!). I really wanted to make this storage unit stand out in my kitchen, so here comes an epic upcycle! If you’re a DIY pro, you can build them the FORJOHA yourself, or if you’re like me (can’t think of anything worse) you can hire an IKEA pro to come and help!

See the full transformation here…


IKEA Fado Lamp Hack



Okay, I am becoming quite the expert now at IKEA hacks, but wow, I even impressed myself with this one!

 It felt like I had morphed into an electrician for a brief moment, navigating the intricate world of plug rewiring – a daunting experience, I won't deny. But the results were more than worth it.

I wanted to repurpose my beloved storage jar, the one that had dutifully held my tea bags for so long. It had to serve a new purpose, I thought. Why not turn it into a stunning decorative piece? On one of my MANY trips to Ikea, I picked up the IKEA FADO lamp. This is the perfect topper for my storage jar and gives off the most beautiful soft light.

IKEA hacks have become a personal passion, and this project, in particular, is a shining example of how a little ingenuity can illuminate your home, both literally and figuratively.

See the full DIY here...

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