Cocktail Hour 🍸

Yvonne's top tips for the perfect tipple this festive season.
If you’re like me and are hosting a few soirée’s this festive season, having a cocktail for the evening is a MUST!
This is a great way to welcome people into your home, get the party started and look like you’ve got your SH*T together!
The key to a great cocktail is the glass. As long as the drink you’re serving is presented in a stunning cocktail glass, you can’t go wrong!
Here are a few of my tips on creating a showstopper cocktail…

The Alcohol

Pick your alcohol of the night, whilst the cocktail sounds more interesting with 3+ spirits in it, keep it simple! They often taste better, and save you from a headache the next day (spoken from experience 😉)! My fave cocktail bases are champers (obvs) and gin! 
Top Tip... Pick an alcohol with a pretty bottle, once you’ve finished it you can reuse it as a vase or a candlestick holder!

The Mixer

Your mixer is also just as important! If aesthetics are your main priority, pink lemonade is always a winner, or if you’re not a fan of fizz, cranberry juice! Always make sure your mixer compliments your chosen alcohol, sometimes a classic G&T is all you need!

The Glass

Picking the right glass for your cocktail is the pièce de résistance! If your chosen cocktail is spirit based a cutesy tumbler with lots of ice works best. Or if you are more of a champers drinker I love a coupe or flute, classy and elegant.

The Finishing Touch

Finally… decoration! This is my favourite part! Add in some edible flowers or dried berries for a colourful pop in your glass. If you’re feeling really fancy you can rim the edge of your glass with sugar, salt or sprinkles! An easy way to make you look like a pro!
Don’t forget a non-alocholic version for the drivers and serve to your friends ice-cold and on a stunning platter. Ta-dah!
P.S. always pair with your fave nibbles, I can’t have a cocktail hour without salted crisps!
I’d love to see how you use your Yvonne Ellen glasses to create your christmas cocktail.


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