Yvonne Ellen Mini kid's bag range

Read all about the Yvonne Ellen Mini range of kid's bags.
I have been working on a new addition to the Yvonne Ellen Mini range, and I am beyond excited to share what I have created with you all! The Yvonne Ellen Mini kid's bag range includes backpacks, lunch bags and drawstring bags, perfect for your littles ones' first years at nursery or big school.
When I originally created Yvonne Ellen Mini, I knew I wanted to create small versions of some of my best-selling animals. The cute little cheetah, adorned with a sweet ruffled collar is the offspring of my frankly iconic (if I do say so myself) cheeky cheetah while the baby giraffe with his smart green bow tie has a Mummy that appeared in my first ever collection. Adorable!
The idea for the "Limited-Edition" slogan came from my little boy Wilfred who is - quite literally - a limited edition himself. I know the same can be said about all our little'uns but the extra special thing about Wilfred is that he has Crouzon syndrome which is so rare that only one in 100,000 people are born with it. It's because of this that we support the Face Value campaign at Great Ormond Street Hospital which funds research into the syndrome. We have spent a lot of time at Great Ormond Street Hospital during the last few years, so we know first-hand how valuable the work they do is.
This is going to sound like such a "Mum" thing but one of my favourite things about all the Mini bags is the wipe clean lining - absolutely essential I feel! They can also be handwashed if needed, perfect for your mucky pups.
The lunch bags have a thermal interior to help keep lunches cool no matter where you are or what your children are up to.
The backpacks have soft, adjustable straps and are finished with funky gold zips for a touch of quirkiness. How Cute?!
For the most coordinated of kiddos (or mums), you might have noticed the cheetah bags are a perfect match for the Yvonne Ellen Mini Carnival bedding set!
For the Mini bag's photoshoot, I roped in one of my bestest friends Hannah and her little girl Mia who is three. I'm sure I'll get some pics of Wilf in the bags he helped inspire at some point, but a photoshoot isn't his cup of tea so his little bruv Sidney stood in for him on the day. Sidney is two and he was extremely excited to be helping Mummy at work.
We headed out on my home turf, Crouch End, to some of the most Instagrammable spots in the area (obvs!). Our first spot was Beam, a favourite of mine to take my boys for breakfast. It’s a family-run neighbourhood brunch spot and it is very photogenic. Sourdough Sophia’s was our second stop, a gorgeous bakery decorated in my favourite colour (pink!!), and where I get my bread from every week. How boujee am I?!?
The last location was Mia’s lovely bedroom in north London which is complete with a huge giraffe motif and a baby piano.
It was really good fun doing the photoshoot with one of my best mates. I didn’t want the photos to look staged, so my wonderful photographer Lauren just came with us and took pics whilst we were doing our thing around some of our fave spots.
The kids loved the day complete with babyccinos, ice creams and lots of laughter.
I’m so excited to share this range with you all and it is available now to order on the website.

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