Unpack & Organise My Tableware with me...

Reorganising my kitchen cupboards (as dull as it may sound) brought me quite a lot of joy!
So I’ve been giving my ‘vintage’ (/ well old!) kitchen a bit of a glow up lately so thought it essential that the contents of my cupboards get a tidy at the same time...
For some reason organising my kitchen cupboards (as dull as it may sound) brought me quite a lot of joy and satisfaction! In the words of organisation queen Marie Kondo– “From the moment you start tidying, you will be compelled to reset your life’. Although I wouldn’t say organising my cupboard was quite as ‘life changing’ as this quote suggests it did inspire me to sort even more of my kitchen!
This particular cupboard has a prime position in my kitchen so it’s V important that it is  ‘stocked’ and arranged perfectly for maximum efficiency! I use my Slogan pasta bowls and cereal bowls all day ‘er day so they defo made the cut in this cupboard!
My little animal tea plates need to be directly above my coffee machine so they are ready & waiting for that coffee & cake moment! These little plates are also perfect to use & show off when I have guests over – really does get the table talking! Each one has been inspired by vintage pieces I have found & collected over the years, especially the gorgeous gilt gold detailing and soft pastel colours. 
I obviously have 10 million mugs & teacups in my house so this cupboard has a selection of my current favs in it. I do love using my large mugs for tea and my teacups for coffee actually – all made from bone china and I swear they make my tea /coffee taste better! 
My new ‘Mum’ mug is a firm fav at the mo’ and makes me smile every time a take a sip from it – perfect gift for Mummas too.
I always have a nicely organised and fully stocked shelf full of glasses in this cupboard – both high ball glasses and wine glasses. 
It’s so nice when people come round to have a set of mis matching glasses so every guest can have their own ‘special’ glass to drink from – no mix ups then either! 
My current glass of choice for my evening G&T is the Snakey one – I so nearly didn’t produce this glass as was worried people might be scared off by the Snake, but turns out it is one of the best sellers! YAY to that!
I hope this is inspirational for your own kitchen organisation and I would absolutely love to see any pics of how you guys style/ organise your Yvonne Ellen pieces – be sure to share and #yvonneellen ! 
Right, I’m off to sort out cupboard number 2 of like 22 in the house now, wish me luck! 


  • Posted by Julia on

    Love this! I also have 10 million mugs/cups and saucers! Also 5 million (give or take) teapots. The shelving in your cupboards is perfect: I need extras in mine to accommodate my collections. Currently finding a slot for my Yvonne Ellen picnic plates (dinner and side) that I bought today. It’s feeling cold, but a glimmer of spring daylight and I’m already thinking alfresco dining!

  • Posted by sharon Owen on
    I just love the bright & happy youthfulness of the Snakey highball glass – I bought one and I bought 2 of the matching cake plates too, I have the giraffe, the octopuss and the c’est la vie highball, set of 4 cake plates, 2 of your stunning cheetah trays, a set picnic tumblers, bowls n plates… and 4 of the alpahabet mugs! And, I only discovered your products 2 weeks ago!

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